Veronica Mars Rewatch – “Drinking the Kool-Aid”

Poor Veronica is going through a bit of a rough patch after Abel Koontz told her that her father is really Jake Kane. Now the implications of that possibility are really starting to sink in … is he her father? Does her father know? … and what does that mean for her former relationship with Duncan? Ick.

She decides her first course of action is to figure out who took the photos of her that were used to blackmail her mother. Through a receipt she manages to trace it back to Clarence Wiedman, the head of security for Kane Software.

veronica in car

“If Jake Kane is my real father, that information has to be worth millions.”

Thinking there could be some truth to Koontz’s story, Veronica cons her dad into giving her a drop of blood so she can send away for a DNA test.

veronica keith blood

“This is so endearing. My badass action-figure daughter is afraid to draw an eensy-weensy drop of blood?”

As Veronica continues to question her own identity, a couple comes to Mars Investigations with concerns over their son who it appears has joined a cult. Looking for proof any unlawful activity, Keith asks Veronica to talk to the kid—Casey—but forbids her from going to the cult. Which means it’s only a matter of time.

By the end of the next school day, Veronica has scored an invite to the cult compound and is helping to mil the cows in preparation for dinner. She digs for all of the usual cult issues… polygamy, drugs, etc… and at first gets every indication that there’s something sinister lurking under the surface. But at every turn, she’s surprised… inside the forbidden barn is a rehabilitating horse, their “cash crop” is Christmas poinsettias.

That's not weed... just Christmas flowers.

That’s not weed… just Christmas flowers.

Still without their son, the parents return to tell Keith that Casey’s grandmother is dying—and he stands to inherit her $80 million fortune. With them is a de-programming specialist to help Casey free himself of the cult. Casey invites Veronica to the hospital with him to see his grandmother and he tells her that he’s known for a year that he’s to inherit her money. And his parents only started paying attention to him after they found out.

Soon enough, his grandmother passes away. At the funeral, Casey’s parents force him into a car with the de-programming specialist. The next day Casey pull up to school in a fancy car, presumably back to his douchebag ways.

Back to Veronica’s own identity crisis—she receives the DNA test results in the mail and decides to shred them instead of reading them.

What I Love:

  • Veronica: “If I am an heiress, as God as my witness, I’ll never take cold showers again.”
  • You may recognize Casey Gant as Aaron Samuels from Mean Girls.
    casey gant aaron samuels
  • You may also recognize the cult’s leader Josh as Zach Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries
    josh zach
  • And you might recognize “Rain” as Nicole Palmer from Season 1 of 24
    rain nicole

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