DIY Scarlet Witch, version 1

DIY Scarlet Witch costume.jpg

“I can’t control their fear, only my own.”

I don’t have many “making of” pics for this costume because it required little updating other than buying the clothes:

  • Black boots (I used ones I already owned)
  • Black knee-high socks/stockings (I got thicker knit ones, similar to these)
  • Black dress (I got an older version similar to this one from Old Navy)
  • Red/scarlet leather jacket (Mine was from
  • Black knit wristlets (You can alter gloves too)
  • Layered jewelery – lots of necklaces and rings
  • Optional – red lights 

I hemmed the dress to get the length where I wanted it. I also added some slits in the jacket so I could store my battery packs for my lights in the jacket pockets.

Presto – Scarlet Witch, circa Avengers: Age of Ultron.

scarlet witch v1

Civil War edition up next!

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