The cast grows larger: Wallace and Piz to return

Two Veronica Mars movie announcements in the last two days!

First, Veronica will be joined by her stalwart friend Wallace (Percy Daggs III)

wallace and veronica

This really comes as no surprise… after Veronica, Keith, and Logan, Wallace is really the last piece of the core cast. Everyone else is just a bonus.

I’m a little more perplexed by the next one… Piz (Chris Lowell) has also been confirmed for the movie.

Piz and Veronica

As you may recall, Piz didn’t join the show until season 3 — when Veronica and Wallace went off to college. As far as what Rob Thomas has said about the movie, it’s going to be centered around the Neptune High School reunion. So I’m curious to see how Piz fits into that picture… he’d have to be in a relationship with one of them, I would think. I hope it’s not Veronica, I never really cared for their relationship.

Hopefully they get Mac to return, and I’d hope that there’s at least an update of Duncan, even if he’s not actually in the movie.

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