Veronica Mars Rewatch –“The Girl Next Door”

Secrets, secrets are no fun… secrets, secrets hurt someone.

Our friends in Neptune spent this episode wondering if it was better to live with secrets or with knowing the truth. The theme of secrets plays out on three fronts: Veronica and the mystery-of-the-week with her next-door neighbor, Logan and Weevil, and a flashback to Veronica and Lilly.

Secret #1: Sarah’s Baby

veronica and sarah

We’re introduced to Veronica’s pregnant neighbor, Sarah, who Veronica overheard fighting with her boyfriend. Sarah admits to the fight and says she’s missing her journal. Veronica hears them fighting again when Sarah is upset that he told her mom that she’s pregnant. The next day, Sarah has vanished. Her boyfriend, Andre, says he’s not worried and she’ll show up.

Not satisfied with that answer, Veronica sneaks into their apartment and finds a whole lot of creepy artwork, Sarah’s cell phone, and a gun. Right on cue, Andre returns home. In one of Veronica’s few less-than-stellar moments, she hides in the bathroom with the dog and has a super lame excuse for being there.

Very sneaky, Veronica...

Very sneaky, Veronica…


When Sarah’s mom and step-father arrive, Veronica refers them to her father and Keith accepts the case—but only after telling Veronica to stay away from it. Instead, she takes a different tactic and calls the doctor pretending to be Sarah—and learns the baby isn’t Andre’s.

Her co-worker, who had taken her diary from her bag, tells Veronica that Sarah had been raped. Veronica gets the diary and figures out that Sarah has been hiding out by the beach. Sarah returns with her, and later Veronica and Keith hear her fighting with her mom and step-father… who’s the father of her baby. Keith ends up shooting the step-father to stop him from attacking Sarah.

veronica and keith

Which all leaves Veronica wondering if the outcome was inevitable due to the circumstances or directly a result from her actions.

Secret #2: Weevil’s Tattoo

Meantime, after yammering at each other during a test, Logan and Weevil are sentenced to detention together. It’s not quite like The Breakfast Club

Don't you forget about me...

Don’t you forget about me…

…and instead of Assistant Principal Vernon, they get Capt. Fuller from 21 Jump Street.

fuller photos

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum proceed to keep getting in more and more trouble with Capt. Fuller (he will always be Fuller to me) and end up being forced to clean his car and alphabetize shelves of books. Then they concoct a plan…

logan and weevil 2

“Never underestimate the size of my cahones”

… and Capt. Fuller’s car ends up around the flagpole overnight. They assume Weevil is involved… and, well, he is… and he’s expelled, but he refuses to turn in Logan as his co-conspirator. Logan goes to see the Vice Principal (who by the end of the next season turns into a pretty swell character). Logan confesses that he had a part in the car incident… and offers to trade a valuable auction item in return for Weevil’s return to school.

Lilly tattoo

The two have to paint over graffiti on of the school walls. While rolling paint, Logan sees Weevil’s tattoo that says “Lilly.” Weevil claims it’s for his little sister… but from his earlier conversation in the bathroom, we know he was somehow involved with Lilly Kane.

Secret #3: Jake Kane and Lianne Reynolds (Mars)

Veronica is assigned to help a woman put together a display for the Class of ’79. At first she scoffs, but agrees to do it after hearing the class year – that was her mom’s graduating class.

lianne mars yearbook

“The people who say high school years are the best years of your life are usually on the yearbook staff.”

While flipping through the yearbook, she sees that Lianne and Jake Kane were the prom king and queen. She goes to ask Duncan if he knew, and he acts evasive and walks away.

veronica and lilly

Veronica flashes back to a conversation she had with Lilly after she and Duncan broke up. She never found out why he broke up with her.

What I Love:

  • “Would you describe the sound as Hitchcockian?” (“Can you describe the ruckus?” … that’s the second Breakfast Club reference today)
  • Keith saying the results of the DNA test not mattering was a testament to Andre’s love for Sarah is particularly poignant in reflection of later events.
  • Keith: “Let’s do something normal fathers and daughters do.”Veronica: “Buy me a pony.”
  • Sarah is played by Jessica Chastain, better known for her recent role in Zero Dark Thirty

    jessica photos

  • Sarah’s mom is played by Eve Gordon, who also played Felicity’s mom

    eve gordon

  • Sarah’s boyfriend Andre is played by Adam Kaufman, better known (at least to me) as Parker Abrams from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    parker photos

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