Veronica Mars Rewatch – “The Wrath of Con”

This episode can be easily split into two halves–the case of the week and memories of Lilly.

Gamers Gone Wild
Wallace’s crush Georgia loaned several thousand dollars to a kid who promised to pay her back with lots of interest. She was never repaid, and Veronica took on the case to track down her unreturned money.

Veronica lures out the con-man and she tracks him down to a local theater. After confronting him, he tells her it was all part of a reality show–conveniently titled Duped! (get it, like Punk’d). So, in one of the iconic Veronica Mars scenes, V goes undercover as a gaming nerd to track down the guys behind Duped.

VMS1E4 Veronica gamer


Her role-playing days aren’t over yet. Grant and Liam are college students, so Veronica and Wallace go undercover as prospective students. They learn that the two are crazy into computers–so much so that they hope it will be worth millions. And it’s all funded by the money they’ve fleeced from their victims.

With the help of her dad posing as a DEA agent, Veronica is able to sneak back into their room to steal their hard drives. Well, except for the locked-in-a-safe back-up, which she soaks in energy drinks. Veronica gets Georgia’s money back and tips off the FBI to the fraudulent activities.

Misty Memories
At the start of the episode, Troy asks Veronica to go to Homecoming. This triggers memories of Veronica’s last Homecoming, which she attended with Lilly, Duncan, and Logan. The couples left in a limo, but never made it to the dance. Instead, they went drinking on the beach and played “Never Have I Ever.”

VM s1E4 group on the beach

If that weren’t enough, the dedication of the Lilly Kane Memorial Fountain is just around the corner. Logan volunteers to assemble the video tribute for the memorial service. Veronica sees Logan editing the video–with scenes Celeste Kane provided of Lilly’s dance recitals and horseback riding.

"Memories both misty and water-colored."

“Memories both misty and water-colored.”

That’s not the Lilly they both loved. In better keeping with their own memories, Veronica gives Logan the tape from their Homecoming night together.

The reveal of the Lilly Kane Memorial Fountain is a formal event–the school orchestra plays while attendees hold candles. Logan’s video starts with the scenes of Lilly as a child, but then quickly switches to rock music and clisp from Veronica’s tape.

"Hello, America. You wanted Lilly? You got her."

“Hello, America. You wanted Lilly? You got her.”

Jake Kane breaks down sobbing. And he’s not the only one moved by the video, as Weevil is shown crying.

What I Love:

  • Troy: “Don’t worry, I give good parent.”
  • Wallace: “My first college party: drinking pina coladas with a dude and talking about math.”
  • Logan: “I believe Keanu Reeves said it best when he said, “Whoa.'”
  • Lilly: “You love me, don’t you?”
  • Logan’s smile at the end of the video
    VM S1E4 Logan

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