Veronica Mars Rewatch – Credit Where Credit’s Due

"They gave me a choice. I could stand by my dad, or stand by Duncan and my dead best friend's family. I chose Dad. It's a decision I live with every day."

“They gave me a choice. I could stand by my dad, or stand by Duncan and my dead best friend’s family. I chose Dad. It’s a decision I live with every day.”

The second episode of Veronica Mars brings us deeper into the culture clash of Neptune, with the haves versus the have-nots. In this case, the haves are the 09ers… those who live in the desirable 90909 zip code.

The poster children for the 09ers are Logan Echolls and his current girlfriend Caitlin Ford. Unfortunately, this episode does force viewers to suffer through the acting “talents” of Paris Hilton (who’s credited as a “special” guest star) as Ford. Hang in there though; she’s gone by the next episode.

"No one cares what you think, Veronica Mars."

“No one cares what you think, Veronica Mars.”

The case of the week revolves around fraud involving credit cards stolen from the Echolls house. The sheriff picks up Weevil’s grandmother for stealing them during her job as a maid for the Echolls family. My man Cliff brings the Mars family in on the case, with the intentions of proving Weevil is the one who stole the cards in question. Weevil ends up confessing to the crime in order to free his grandmother, but Veronica is convinced he didn’t do it.

As part of her counselor-mandated “attitude adjustment,” Veronica is forced into newspaper class (her journalistic streak will frequently appear throughout the rest of the series) where she volunteers for photography. Her first assignment: to cover a surfing event with none other than ex-boyfriend Duncan Kane.

Troy: "Flat?" Veronica: "Just as God made me."

Troy: “Flat?”
Veronica: “Just as God made me.”

She not-so-mysteriously gets a flat tire before the competition, which new-arrival-in-town Troy Vandergraff offers to repair and Duncan volunteers to drive her. On the way back, Duncan gets pulled over for outstanding tickets that Lilly had gotten before she died.

After picking up Veronica, she and Keith head over to the Neptune Grand hotel to squeeze out some more information about Weevil’s case; the angry dad and pregnant daughter works like a charm. Veronica and Logan figure out around the same time that Caitlin is cheating on him with Chardo, one of the PCHers, and he’s the one who stole the credit cards.

Veronica: "Moron says what?" Chardo: "What?"

Veronica: “Moron says what?”
Chardo: “What?”

Chardo enacts his master plan to run away with Caitlin, but the 09ers are already there. Logan turns him over to Weevil, who in turn kicks him out of the gang.

"What made you go after Jake Kane?"

“What made you go after Jake Kane?”

Meantime, Veronica goes to the police station to find out more about the ticket Lilly was issued on the day she was murdered. She discovers that Lilly ran a red light two hours after her supposed time of death–meaning none of the suspects from the time, including Jake Kane, have an alibi.

This episode sets up the fairly consistent format for the show: Veronica solves the mystery of the week, while also learning more about Lilly’s murder. It also continues to establish her tenuous rapport with the PCH gang and Weevil.

What I Love:

  • Veronica: “Did I mention the movie might be PG-13?”
    Wallace: “Oh, jump back, wild child!”
  • Veronica: “Smell ya later!”
  • Veronica: “Sometimes I’m even persnicketier.”
  • This episode marks our first glimpse of Dick Casablancas
Did you catch him?

Did you catch him?

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