Monday Night TV: Gossip Girl, How I Met Your Mother, Bones, Revolution, Castle

Onward to my breakdown of the shows I’m recording on Monday nights…


GOSSIP GIRLis now in its sixth — and final — season. I’ve watched this teen drama since it first premiered in 2007. Although it still has plenty of drama with its crew of Upper East Siders, it’s definitely fallen off in its appeal these last couple of years. If it weren’t the final season (and only 10 episodes at that) I’m not sure that I’d still be watching.

Unfortunately, GOSSIP GIRL wasn’t able to make it past the biggest teen drama hurdle: graduating high school. Season 3 was the first — and really only — season with the kids in college, and it wasn’t bad. Season 4 is where things started waning, and last year they just kind of gave up on all of that and put them all in the “real world.”

Why I’m still watching:

  • Blair and Chuck (“I’m Chuck Bass.”)


I’m cheating a little bit with this one… I was late getting into HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, picking it up about two years ago. As a result, I’ve always been at least a season behind — and still am.

Although I’m recording the current season (8), I still have Season 7 to watch. Fortunately a box from Amazon should be arriving soon with the DVDs and I’ll finally be able to catch up to HIMYM in real-time. So I don’t really have any opinion on the current direction of the show.

Why I love it:

  • Who doesn’t want to be friends with all of them?
  • My husband and I frequently compare ourselves to Marshmallow and Lilypad
  • Suit up


BONESis kind of a sore subject with me. The show is in its eighth season and this is another that I’ve been watching since it first premiered (in 2005). I mean, ANGELis in it — I had to watch.

I love the cast and the characters and the first few seasons are definitely something really special. It’s hard for me to pinpoint really where it took place, but somewhere it definitely “jumped the shark.” If I had to pick, I’d say it was somewhere around Season 4, when they replaced Zack with a bunch of interns (in a similar event, that’s where I stopped watching HOUSE completely).

Its tone and general feel to the show has moved away from where it first started, definitely emphasizing more of the cheeseball comedy than it used to and in general I’ve found their cases to be less compelling and the character development turning stagnant. Also, what is with the theme song this weekend? With the rare exception (VERONICA MARSSeason 3 comes to mind, as well as the “special” PSYCH episodes), I loathe it when a show changes the theme song. Granted, this is just a reedited version of the same song but it still irks me every time it plays.

I’ll probably keep watching it out of some semblance of loyalty (and adoration of David Boreanaz), but Fox should start thinking about retiring this one.

Why I’m still watching:

  • David Boreanaz
  • The relationship between Angela and Hodgins
  • Also, I really like Sweets


Monday nights are tough. I also have a love-hate relationship with NBC’s new show REVOLUTION.ย I want so desperately to like this show.

REVOLUTIONis primarily set 15 years after a blackout cause every electricity-dependent device to stop working and everyone has had to revert back to older technology, the government collapsed, etc. I love the premise and they still have so much to explore — from what caused the blackout, to getting electricity back up and running again, to learning more about how the rest of the world has been coping through all of this.

The writing isn’t outstanding, but it’s not bad either. But some of the cast members… The adults for the most part are good (Billy Burke as Miles Matheson is fantastic), but I detest Tracy Spiridakos as Charlie, who unfortunately is the main character of the show. She’s borderline unwatchable (with only three faces: happy, sad, confused) and delivers her dialogue terribly. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that at some point Miles can transition more into the main character and Charlie can fall into the background, but somehow I think that’s hoping for a bit too much.

REVOLUTIONas a whole still makes me nervous though. I fall hard for these kinds of shows and they so frequently get canceled (TERRA NOVA, ALCATRAZ, FLASH FORWARD, THE NINE, AWAKE)ย and I’m left disappointed and forever without answers. But that’s a topic for another day. At least NBC picked upย REVOLUTIONfor a full season so they have time to wrap it up at least a little in the worst case scenario.

Why I like it:

  • The story. As long as the writers keep me entertained, I think I can put up with the rest (at least, I hope.)


This is the big redeemer for Monday night television in my book. CASTLEis easily one of the better shows and, in my opinion, one of the best police procedural shows on right now.

Now in its fifth season, CASTLEfollows popular mystery novelist Richard Castle and NYPD detective Kate Beckett as they solve crimes together.

Castle and Beckett are entertaining enough just on their own, but they have great supporting characters in Dets. Esposito and Ryan as well as Castle’s family. The case are still interesting and they’ve managed to keep the character development growing throughout the series. But this is definitely the year where CASTLEwill have to get through its growing pains and chart a path for future seasons.Now that Castle and Beckett are together romantically the show is officially in waters where other shows have struggled in the past.

Why I love it:

  • Duh, a writer solving mysteries!
  • Plus, it’s a writer as played by Nathan Fillion (so shiny!)
  • Immensely strong cast and great scripts




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