One of those milestone steps

I got the first inspiration to write my book in January 2010; I remember it distinctly because I was on a business trip to Washington, D.C. at the time. I clearly saw the very end of the book and wanted to know how all of those characters got there.

It’s been a long journey since then. Working a full-time job in television news meant I didn’t always have as much time to write as I wanted, and I would do it in fits and bursts as I felt inspired, often setting it aside for other projects.

But this year I made a committed effort to finish it, to really take a chance and make something out of it. Switching jobs which allows for a lot more free time was a big help, but I’ve also found a lot of little ways to fit writing into my day. I use my lunch breaks to edit and I try to set aside time each day for some kind of writing, be it for the book or the blog or something else.

Now, I can happily say that last night I finally typed those words I’ve been waiting to see: The End.

Granted, I still have plenty of editing to do and I still need beta readers to go through the drafts and help work out those last final kinks… but I finally crossed that huge milestone that always seemed to loom so far away.

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