Taking a splash

Le sigh. More than a month since my last post — I’m absolutely terrible at keeping up with the blog.

In my slight defense, since my last post I went to Comic Con, Ireland, two football games and have written a lot more for the book. That counts for something right?

CNN is making my “ease back into the blog” quest a lot easier. Did anyone catch this article the other day on cnn.com?

I still haven’t said a whole about my book yet (call me superstitious, but it feels like jinx just waiting to happen), but I have mentioned that mermaids are involved.

NOAA recently came out and said definitively (well, in their opinion anyway) that mermaids don’t exist.

While that may have burst the bubbles for any avid mermaid hunters out there, there are places where you watch “mermaids” swim around — and even drink a cocktail while you’re at it!

CNN.com: “The Wreck Bar has been featured in the movie ‘Analyze This.'”

The article lists the top five attractions (besides the famous Week Wachee Springs) where you can catch mermaid shows in places as varying as Montana to Las Vegas.

In my story there’s a mermaid held captive by a circus — apparently sticking her in a fish tank at a bar would have been more realistic 😉


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