Playing Catch-Up

Busy, busy! We’re going on a belated honeymoon at the end of August and it’s my goal to have the novel finished by then. That means my recent free writing time has been dedicated to that end and I’ve neglected the blog a bit – whoops!

So now it’s time for aΒ  bit of a catch-up post…

So far I’m on track to meet my end-of-August deadline for a complete first draft. Followed by what I’m sure will turn into months of editing. Right now it sits at 280+ pages and counting!

This is my favorite place to sit and write when I’m at home

My brain gets fried after staring at the computer screen for hours on end, and I like to unwind with arts and crafts… I always have several ongoing projects.

The new sticker tree on our bathroom wall

This weekend, I worked on our guest bathroom which is slowly coming together under a panda theme. I framed and matted a panda picture and stuck this blossoming tree on the wall, which turned out to be a more difficult task than I had originally thought! Just a few more pieces to put in place before I can finally call that bathroom finished.

It was also a big celebration week for our little cat, Hello – who’s not so little anymore. He’s now five years old — they grow up so fast!

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